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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Is it the same where you are?

Today I had to decide whether to venture out into the weather and visit the hospital in Oklahoma City. I went to my car which was covered with ice, not too thick, but there, and then snow. It began to snow again some as I walked the dog about 10 minutes later and decided that this was probably not the day to be on the road. I later learned the roads weren't too bad...but I couldn't judge from here exactly how it was there...and so I will visit tomorrow.

We expect somehow that where we are is how it is everywhere. Well not as much now as we are connected by sight and sound around the world but still we can't know. It can be raining 50 miles from me and be bright sunny here...or the other way around. So we have to learn and accept that we don't know..only someone there can know.

It is also that way when we think of how we heal from harm or sorrow. We can't really know what is happening in the other persons place. We don't know the pain or the point of their sorrow. We can recall how such an experience washed over us personally. But it is personal. And yet it is also universal. Because we are all human and children of God.

My Daddy would say, "All people good or bad are just the same when happy or sad." (M.L. Giltz)
This seems to ring more truthfully every day. We can at least know what the other experiences by being with them. We won't know their situation where they are... but they can know we are with them... sharring their joy or sorrow.

But in it all we recognize that we are not alone. We all hold up our part of the sky and we all have our feet on the same earth. Blessings all

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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