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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Individually beautiful.

I walked outside a few minutes ago between rain/sleet showers and it was really beautiful. Each of the branches of each tree, and any tiny leaf is coated with ice. Some of the tree limbs bend in the weigh of the ice. The magnolia tree whose large leaves carry a lot of the weight often suffer in such a storm. The big pines needles are coated and standing individually where they often seem like a big mass or brush. There is beauty here to be sure. A little sunshine would make it even more luminous. Perhaps that will come. As we are now it is scheduled to snow/rain/sleet more overnight staying quite cold.

We are warm inside and grateful that thus far we have electricity or I wouldn't be writing this to you.

The Church services are going to be individual. Each one with their own Bible. We will not meet formally as the weather makes getting out a hazard. And actually without the benefit of snow shovels or ice removers the sidewalks will be quite treacherous.

But we will worship. We will be in prayer for all the concerns we have, for peace in this troubled time, for warmth for those without shelter or heat, for food for he hungry, for love for he lost, for healing for us all. We pray for the peace and shelter, and food, and love for all of us because at some level we all need it when any of our sisters and brothers need it wherever they may be.

Garth Brooks an Oklahoman sang a song some years ago, We shall be Free. The lyrics are worth your checking. It is a very faithful Christian song.

So on this cold day here in January let's pray about how we can bring freedom. I'd like to hear your ideas.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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