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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

home again

Grace and peace abound. I've seen it. With our travels so far around the world to be with family and to encourage other Christians by our being with them...I've renewed my sense of home. We were welcomed by so many, welcome home.

To be honest when we arrived at our house about 6:40 pm I rubbed the dog, petted the cat, said hello to the bird, laid down and slept till now. I'm hoping for some further rest after I write this note.

Home can be a dwelling of people that is huge and lavish, or modest and fitting, a tent, a tarp, a box, a blanket, it is where one finds the ability to rest. Some who have no home suffere because of the elements. I also think someone without a home suffer from a heart-ache of not being missed or having someone to account for...suffer from a lack of mutuality. I need you and you need me.

We all need to be honored and prot. ected and treated with love and civiity.

We came through customs at the US LosAngeles airport. We went through immigration, got all our baggage and huddled in a circle for a last prayer of the group together. It didn't take long and there wouldn't be another time when we'd all be in the same place. The customs guy roughly said, Get on out of here! We did. The next stranger came by and bumped our carts and swore. The man on the van to the hotel picked up our luggage like we were asking him to do something unusual and out of the ordinary. When we got to the hotel he threw it down out on the ground scouling. Whee we knew we were home. No wonder Americans traveling get a bad reputation we don't even treat one another with respect. In his hurry to get rid of us John's backpack was left on the van.

The woman in the hotel was most most helpful. She located the Van driver and they brought the bag to us as we ate lunch. She apologized for the rudeness and the man's boss came and did the same. A hotel knows it's reputation is based all along the way from when you get on their van till you leave a satisfied customer.

Home again. Greeted with affection by pets. Sleeping on a familar and much softerpillow than for the two weeks we were gone. Seeing in our minds eye the people here whom we aloed...superimposed by the pictuers of the

children, loved and accepted. In these days of the Epiphany when the kings welcomed Jesus let us make ready for someone to come and to be with us to welcome the stranger and love our neighbor, now and always.

Alleluia, amen..

Bobbie Giltz McGarey



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