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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Who ARE you?

There are two new babies in the parish right now a girl and a boy. When I went online today to see his picture...she was born last month... I looked over his and then at several others...ok a bunch of the others...and marveled at their varied beautiful faces and wondered...who are you? Names are listed, several the same, but it only tells us a little as they grow into their names.
We have the genetics that put them together now all finished with this part of their development and will continue to influence their physical makeup....
but what are we...those of us in their world...what are we going to teach them?
How will we bless them? How do we draw out from them the best that they can be?
How do we give them ground and root and wimgs so that they can grow into who they are meant to be? Deep breath
How do we live our lives in a way that brings them to their fullest potential?
And as someone recently the end don't we all just want to do our best?
How do we make this world, (and the world of all the worlds' children) a place where they can do their best. Where they can become whole in body and spirit. Where they can become filled with the energy of their Creator's love in a way that makes for the good of all around them..where they have joy and fulfillment in a life well lived and love both given and accepted... to live holy and joyful lives
Those are tasks to be taken... tasks that we've been given every day when we meet matter their age..or our age..
How do we live our lives that those around us can know they are loved and know how to give love out to their world? i think you know.
"love is something if you give it end up having more."
Love one another as I have loved you...Jesus
Love your Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind, and your neighbor as yourself...
These are gifts for all the and me included.

God abide with you
and with all the children of the world

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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