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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


John and I lost a friend over the weekend. It wasn't someone we had seen in quite some time as our lives have taken different paths, still, his death came as a shock. We don't know all the details we just know he was swimming or surfing and had a terrible accident. His son was with him.
Who do we count on? There are people we count on 'being there' even if they aren't right by us. We count on them being part of our whole world even when we don't hear from them in some time. They are part of the fabric of our past and then suddenly gone.

So what does that make us want to do? It made us want to get in touch with some of those folks we count on but hadn't talked with in some time. We'd like them to know they are still part of who we are and what we've become.

I remember a time with this friend when we went out to eat and the young waiter came up and started his line. Hi I'm George and I'm your server I want to tell you about our great specials today. Before he could go any further this friend said well Hello George, and he proceeded to introduce the rest of us by name, we're going to be your customers. George hesitated, looked a little shocked and started again. Hi I'm George and I'm your server.... This is one of the memories I have of this friend. A funny story part of our lives that we think of whenever a server comes to the table with a set routine... remember when...

So, We'll be in touch with his brother and ex-wife and son and hope that we can offer some solace letting them know we remember... and will remember them in our prayer.
Do others count on you? Do you count on others...let them know. Now

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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