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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Where is the Mountain

"Every time you climb a mountain-you get a little stronger--but it sure is hard on your shoes." Bobbie Giltz 1968

Where is the mountain? Is it where it needs to be? Is it in the place it was created or has it moved. I took geology my senior year of college. I loved it and when I finally saw the whole of the different western mountain ranges the folds in the earth, the edges of the ranges, all the geology made sense.

We've been told in faith words that if we ask for something in prayer and believe we can 'move mountains'. We can say to the mountain go from here to there...and it will. One of my mentors, Hetz, tried one afternoon to move a mountain. He believed with his whole heart, he released it to God, he prayed, the mountain did not move. He decided after this long afternoon and the next two days that God didn't move the mountain because it was already exactly where God wanted it to be.

Do we try and move mountains that are already where they are supposed to be?
Think about it. Do we try and manipulate God, or situations or others by our will?
Do we? Or are we open to things being as God planned them already? Not settling in any way but in saying ... those are your mountains.


God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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