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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

all together now..

In our parish we are getting ready to welcome a new baby. He should arrive any time now. We pray for the delivery to go well.
Even more we feel linked with other new parents. We've had two babies this summer. We welcome them all.

we welcome them to this place that was created/is being created by God. We welcome them to a globe that i hope shows up in the image above.

when I was young we would go to a libray in the Ohio State Faculty Club after we had eaten. There was a comfortable well worn leather chair that seemed to embrace me. I loved to sit in that chair and read the New Yorker Magazine, to be true the cartoons in the New Yorker).
But right by that chair was a huge floor globe. The kind that has the big meridians marked and that you can turn and it is on a slanted axis and lookes so beautiful. I would wonder about the countries, many whose names have changed. I wondered about the children there my age and about their lives. I thought for a long time they were the same as me. You know had a home, parents, food, clothing, education and all the things that went with my middle-class but priviledged growing up.
Later, when realty came to me I realized how differently lives were in other places. National Geographic became my magazine of choice after the New Yorker and I loved the stories and the pictures of far away places.

I did not get to visit those far away places until I was in my late 40's. The trip we took this summer was focused on the churches in some of these places and the people and their joys and struggles. Rural communities striving to be the best they could be. Communities trying to find ways to keep their young people at home because few jobs were there.

What will we provide for "my" new children where we are? What work will be there for them? Will they stay in these lovely communities and have good work or will they move on to other places? They need to choose to be sure when the time comes but we need to consider what we can offer them when that time comes.

Are not these smaller communities where everyone watches out for the others, where school programs are a community event for all to attned, because the children though they may not be blood-kin are still family? Where housing is affordable. Where neighbors watch out for neighbors. Where you check on each other and where the seniors meet to eat and enjoy each other because it is a social time... All these things have such positive images.

The the challenge becomes how do we 'attract' business to such a place? How do we
get food stores and drug stores to stay. What about health care or home care to come and stay?

It's not just my personal musing. These are questions for so many communities "in the middle" of the US.
For me, even more personally I constantly pray for an answer as to how the church is a witness to God's love for them all?
Answers welcomed
Welcome little ones
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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