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Monday, August 28, 2006

Birthday Whee

today is our daughter Betsy's birthday. She started off the morning with her Grandmother, Gladys, who was present when she was born. Holding my hand while we three were still one. It was a most precious moment in my life.
Every year I have told her the story of the day she was born, what I remember and all that surrounded it. We do this together in a way because as she spoke with me she reminded me of one of the parts I'd forgotten to add at the right time.
so, since she's traveling again, i have watched a movie that is a favorite of 'ours' and thought about her all day. While on the road she heard from a friend who called to chat while she too was driving across country. They caught up on News between them. What fun.
we'll talk to her i hope a couple of more times today and tomorrow we will celebrate with her here late in the evening.
growing things help us mark time. We don't see ourselves growing sometimes. i recently asked a friend what lessons had she gleaned from her 45 years since she graduated from school. it was good to hear her reflection.

perhaps we should learn again how to mark time with reflections of the lessons learned and what we would like to share with others.
i should ask our daughter that question and see how she replies.

God abides and for this I am most completely thankful
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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