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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

ah Rain!

What's that sound? What? Rain? Finally it seems it has come. It rained enough this time that my birdbath outside the dining room window has water in it. We've had a couple of those wet-air-not-hit-the-ground kind of rains but this was a real one this morning. It was monsoon season when I was in India in June. It gave the term downpour a whole new meaning. It was amazing how quickly it came how much it would rain, and then stop almost as quickly as it had come. Like a big spigot had been turned on and off. Would that rain could go to the drought suffering hit parts of the world.
We have heard of the real deep drought here recently and farm ponds are mostly dry-- we will need some more of these soaking kinds of rain to in any way nearly catch up. We aren't there yet. We are blessed to have gotten some however. Our grass may even look greenish and not crunch when you walk across it.
We've not been watering to conserve water. It is just the way we are in terms of the lawn.
I do love a green lawn and my Daddy always kept a beautiful one. The first year we moved into our house on Dunedin in Columbus, Ohio the front of the yard had sod but the back we had to plant ourselves. My Dad in his early 40's by then started to try and rake the yard and make it so he could plant seed. He couldn't put the amount of pressure he wanted on the rake there were big clods of dirt and some rocks. I was out with him trying to break up the clods by jumping on them and picking up the rocks and putting them in the corner of the yard--great fun! I was in Kindergarten. He said, "Bobbie, stand on the rake and hold on." I stood up on the rake...ta da... he pulled me...up and down the yard. Wow. How much energy and strength that must have taken! I remember stopping for water, that holding on was hard--ha ha! We finished and I helped him hand seed the yard, and lightly raked it without me on the rake and then spread hay over the top to try and deter the birds. We watered and waited. There was one corner I wanted for 'my' own part and I hand seeded it. It was the lushest area in the yard. (I later learned he had re-seeded after I had done my best so it looked great.)

Water, rain, grass, memories, and being the kind of parent that helps a child succeed. What more could I want in my musing on this rainy day? Come on rain some more especially on the farms that need it so very much! My grass can remain crunchy if that's a bargain I can make successfully to have it rain on the fields.

Sermon to write but this is a good start.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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