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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Summers were a time when I did a lot of reading. Depending on my age I read all kinds of serial books: Like, BobbseyTwins, Nancy Drew, Edgar Rice Burrows, the longest books I could find in the library, books recommended for literature classes. I found that reading was great to do wherever I was.
My cousin had a great collection too of Comic Books, all kinds of series of them. We would spend rainy days getting a handful of them and reading then, tossing them back in their spot, a cupboard under the washer, and getting some more to read.
We read. I realize how lucky I am that I had readers around me. I still enjoy a good book. I sometimes read a favorite or well written book more than once. I read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin twice while traveling this summer. The language is so beautiful and clever.
While we were traveling I would pick up a magazine or book where I was and look at the words in a language or script or alphabet that I didn't know-this is how it is to be unable to read--Either because of language or vision deficiencies. You know there is a story 'in' there but you can't get it out because the letters don't make sense to you or you don't know the words.
What can we do to share a love of reading with someone else. I know part of my love is because my parents read to me. I remember trying to read a book when I was in 1st grade called, "The Biology of the Frog." Ok, so not a child's book but I still tried to read it.
Find something that brings you joy. Find a book that makes you laugh. I really hope you do.
And then share that book with someone else.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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