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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Oh my the old faithful web cam is down while they rebuild the lodge. Sorry to have misled you perhaps.
-- I have a code-in-my-dnose. (cold in the nose.). argh this too shall pass.
-- When did fences big spiky ones solve anything? Look at Berlin, Israel, I'm not convinced. Seriously we can't feed the elderly --but we can build a fence?
-- A volcano erupted in Indonesia. That's on the edge of what is geographically called the ring of fire. We're on the other side. We do all live in the same world righteo?
-- my dad made up this saying: "All people good or bad are just the same when happy or sad." he would sign it eciruam ztlig.. What a teaser.
-- Does anyone remember Kent State? May 4, 1970? Perhaps time to review.
--- Once my son said. "there has to be a better way." When observing two kids fighting.
He also visited a church with me preaching where in the Lord's prayer we say debts they say forgive us our sins.
We would refer to it as the sinning church.
-- Once Marsha G. in my elementary school was cheating off my paper. The problem was her head was directly over my left forearm, and the problem with that was I had a cast on my arm, and the problem with that was that I suddenly, seriously not knowing she was looking on, raised my forearm and clopped her pretty sharp in the chin. The teacher laughed after finding out Marsha had not been knocked out or injured. He'd been watching. Ah Mr. P.J. O'Rouke you were the best 6
th grade teacher ever.
-- I still have the cold. but now a very VERY deep voice. oh my

You all take care, will write again later.
God abides
bobbie giltz mcgarey


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