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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Almost a Week

We have been talking in our pastor as theologian group about what and how the church's history and those who have gone before have constituted the church. Two professors shared their perspectives with us which was really really helpful. We've had some wonderfully lively discussions. Then too, by being on Austin seminary campus for a few days, we've had a good time connecting with those we've not seen in a while. I love seeing the Seminary students and feeling their energy and knowing that the work I've done will be in good hands....down the road.

You know, if you've read this at all, how much I love watching the birds. A pair of hawks has built a nest, (looks like a nest of several years in the making by it's size) outside the seminary building. They are amazing to see swooping down and all around...So close. Two of my colleagues were standing on the patio when they came flying oh so close to them though they were chasing each other. You could see the head of the one sitting on the nest. It was great.

We head home tomorrow with a lot of things to be thinking about .... and that is good. We have enriched our spirits, gotten a new perspective and enjoyed our time together.

I am looking forward to being home however!

In the meantime happy Eastertide.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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