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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Do you remember the poster that was popular some years ago of a kitten hanging on to a tree branch and the title, "hang in there". Since you knew that the kitten would no doubt be saved from the situation the picture seemed to resonate with the way some feel sometimes. Like we are hanging in there.... and that's about it.

John, my husband, once climbed a tall tree to haul up his little brother who was hanging from a tree branch and couldn't pull himself up to safety. His mom says he almost ran up the tree to help his brother. It's amazing what we can do when emergencies appear in our lives.

Why then do we wait for emergencies before we give help to folks who need it? Why don't we guide along the way? Do you ever wonder what a difference we might make in lives early on. Giving encouragement when we can all along the way with people we can meet. The other day a waitress was lovely and Carol and I talked with her and told her how really pretty she was. She stopped, and looked at us and she was obviously touched. She was a striking looking woman. But by her action I don't think that she had heard that often.

Encourage someone honestly. There will be fewer of those posters sold. (hang-in there)

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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