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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

my m's broken

I dropped something on my computer... it's ok but the m key snapped off and i haven't had a chance to take it in as they will replace it. So...what that means is that every time I want to type an m --I have to pause and concentrate on hitting this one spot....and viola... m

( We depend a lot on wholeness. We depend on things being lined up as we expect. We forget that the one constant is change. We depend on all the letters being in line. Once some years ago a toy came out that had a keyboard for the children to use. The letters were lined up alphabetically.... Sounds good...But think...the organization of the keyboard that almost everyone uses is not alphabetically...but in line with the frequency of the letters. If a child learned this toy keyboard, they would be always translating their keyboards to what is the regular one... humm Then there is the Dvorac keyboard arrangement for right or left hands. See we don't know it all do we? )

Back to the lost/broken m....

Now you wouldn't think the m would be so very important... but it is when it's not working... you begin to think of all kinds of m words that you want to write.... _ercy, _erry, _arvelous, yu__y, and for _e there's _cGarey!

Do we always yearn for that which we don't have? Is that a normal human trait to want what we don't have? Or, are we trained to yearn for something that makes what we have look not as good? Is there satisfaction?

I believe there is... When we say thank you for all that we have. I believe we may learn to live our lives in a way that brings us joy and satisfaction...for we have all we need and even more...

There's more to be learned in this world.... and we already have all we need...

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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