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Monday, May 01, 2006

Time flies

Grace and Peace ...

I was in my daughter's apt and on the wall she has a picture of us last year at my graduation. What a fun time! But it doesn't seem like a year ago. It seems the time was closer and also farther away --at the same time.
I have pondered "time" here before . It still baffles me In ways that are unexpected. There are moments that take a long time to pass, and other time moves so quickly. What makes the difference?
As my mother aged she was always commenting about how fast time went--How quickly the days seemed to pass. I was surprised when she would say this because I might have guessed for her that the time was going slowly--that her days were tiresome to her.
Young children on the other hand when put in 'time-out' remember that minutes can hardly be comprehended to pass at all. I remember a time out I had as a child. (To be honest-- it wasn't the deed that got me there--it was about lying about the deed.)

When we experience the passing of time we recognize then how precious it is. How quickly time goes and how we cannot recapture it. We can remember when-- and compare now to then... but we cannot go back.

And perhaps, though fiction would tell us otherwise, it wouldn't be good to go back, because if we did, what would happen to Now?

Ah but if for just a moment we could hold time... and live into it's beauty ---we would live our lives in the wonderful Now... and be blessed.
Time flies... catch it while you can.

God abide with you
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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