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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ohio River

My husband John was born along the Ohio river. Our children were born later, 30 years and 33 years, along the Ohio. on the KY side. It is a big Eastern river that runs full, and fuller, all year.
We lived not far from the river in KY about 40 miles west of where they were born. I could see the river from my hospital room. Later we would take trips to go to the river for picnic lunches. We went out onto an island in the river once for a day of camping with friends.
One of my books that I re-read every year is Siddhartha by hermann Hesse. The river plays an essential role in the story.
We have all probably heard that when we stand in the river we are always in a new river...for it flows beyond us. We watch time pass as it 'rolls' along.
What do you use to mark the passing of time? A river running by? The clouds flying above? The corn or wheat growing?
A child growing? A tree growing?
let there be something outside yourself or your daytimer to mark the time...

Way down upon the Ohio River...
Let the river roll
God abides
bobbie giltz McGarey


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