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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Old Faithful

Our family went on a great vacation to Yellowstone National Park in WY USA. Wow what an awesome place. This is long years ago and yet the beauty of it is incredibly etched in my head and heart. Today a friend sent me a link to the Old Faithful Webcam. It refreshes itself every 30 seconds. You can see the clouds in the sky, people walking up to the benches along the area, and then Old Faithful.

We apparently can be at two places at once. Me here in Oklahoma watching the web cam of Yellowstone, or Mt.St. Helen's in Washington State... or three or more places.

What is it we want in life? To see as much as we can? Do we then want to be 'in control' of all we see-- Like the Queen or king of the world? Do we trust the world to go on without us paying attention? Luckily it does. What if one person was in charge of the sun rise/setting? Could anyone maintain that much concentration?
We change TV channels faster than the earth spins. We can on some TV's watch one thing and record another. We are determined to be in touch.
What if our prayer was that God's will be done? We can do all we can do where we are...but we are not, thank God, in charge of it all. We live into the life and the world we have. We make changes in the world in our sphere where we are knowing we are instruments of God's love. (or we may be instruments of love).
Old Faithful. 50-60 minutes refreshes itself.
Be well and faithful
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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