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Saturday, April 22, 2006

from our own wells

There is a great book about liberation theology called "We drink from our own wells". I had a copy and think it's on loan out there some where I hope the one who has it is applying it's message. That the living water they have is just as 'sweet' as that that we have and that we have no monoply on that gift of God's love.

I have talked about water before, and how we here in the US for the most part take it for granted. You can detect that by looking at the ever greening lawns in a time of drought and tended and watered turf.

But it is not just the H-2-0 that I'm talking about it is that which renews and refreshes us... Like a rocking chair on a porch in a beautiful place... or a hawk pair like I saw this past week tending their nest protecting their young...or people wrestling with what they can now understand of their beliefs and seeing how to work together to figure that all out... it is....well I'll let you fill in your own.

That breeze that has now come into the office window as I finish up again my sermon for this week cools and refreshes as well. I know that God's goodness is just that ...God's and that my job is to share that goodness, that living water of God's grace and mercy... and perhaps that is your job as well? What do you say? Shall we head out together on this journey of faith... Good I'm ready each day... let's get about the work of the kingdom...

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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