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Friday, April 21, 2006


The Seminary library was having a book sale and in an unselfish move I bought some of the books...just to keep them from... OK OK I bought them because I found them interesting and because I'm 300 miles or so from a Theological library... OK OK you think there's enough books in my den to be a theological library...

Confession-- I bought some more books-- no excuses!

I would choose them by author or by title. I picked up one that I've heard of but not read. The Silence of God, is one such by Thielicke. This isn't new. It was written in 1962. Here is the line that persuaded me to read this.
"There is a rising up among us a host of young Christians who are tired of the new paganism. They can describe this atonishment far more clearly and realistically than those who have inherited the secure tradition of the 'fathers'. Perhaps God has first to be jerked away from us complacient Western Christians, like a rug from under our feet, if we are to be reawakened to this surprise." pg 19

What is it we need to see, hear, experience that is God's truth for us and for those with whom we live and work and encounter? What is it we need to be part of that will indeed give us strength and wisdom and hope and joy? What is it that we have left behind? Have we left behind hope for guilt, or joy for fear, or trusting for cynicism?
Well as we read the scriptures in Eastertide we should be clearly convicted about what we carry with us...and what we lay down. Lay down as in to abandon a burden we choose to worry over... lay down as we release those things which trip us up...lay down as we leave to God those things which we cannot change...lay down...
Tom Paxton's song... Pack up your sorrows has been running through my thoughts recently. Here's the choras as I remember...
"But if somehow you could pack up your sorrows and give them all to me.
You would lose them...I know how to use them... give them all to me. "

That's what eastertide is all about the outstretched arms of Jesus calling us to give up, lay down, all that binds us, because we believe he is set free.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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