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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Running in your sleep

Ah our daughters dog, Chili Pepper, was running in her sleep. Go get 'en girl! I don't know what she was chasing in her dreams but she really seemed to be going a long way.
We sometimes have dreams that seem so real that we wake up thinking about whether what we dreamed or it was real. The other night in a dream I remember trying to figure something out.
But what about the other kind of dreams? I mean those longings for something that is a goal or a desire we have for ourselves or for someone we love. What kind of dreams would you want to share? If you could tell someone you love-- your dream for them do you think that would bring them hope? I do not mean our dream like something we want the other to do or be. But the kind of dream that they will find deep joy and satisfaction in the world they are in.

Whatever we do-- We should always have before us dreams--of doing something beautiful for God.
Doing something beautiful for another. Wouldn't that be an answer to dreams-- I think it would. Run after them now ok? Good work!

God abides
bobbie Giltz McGarey


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