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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Brown brown everywhere- almost

Driving west this clear cooler-than-it-has-been morning I was noticing the colors...well color. So much of this part of Oklahoma is brown right now. Here and there some frosted black from a fire that looks like burnt toast. All most everything is brown. But there, right along the edge of the road a flash of Yellow, look again there is a grey/brown bird with a distinct stripe over it's eye, a Meadowlark. Wow a bunch of meadowlarks.
Some of these color flashes fly up when a car goes by and others seem to just hunker down seemingly un-hassled by cars. I watch and try and guess which one may fly and which one will fly. I am apparently not too good at guessing whether they will fly. Grin. But the color of their chests reminds me of the robins that come in later spring. They are bright and they are color. Oh here and there are fields that have a little color, they have been irrigated. The cattle are eating the left over cotton which in some places has blown and stuck on the metal fences like white lights here and there. The far horizon is clear and visible and the old mountains, worn down by time, are seemingly 'right' there.
I love to see the 360 horizon with hardly a house or anything not God made in sight. There are a couple of places like that even along the road, where you can see the vastness of this area...Albeit brown.
Why do we all gather in huge cities when there are the wide open spaces here for the sharing. Ten people per square mile that's all.
Sigh and joy and peacefulness. The hawk has not yet returned to the nest along the road, it must not really be spring!

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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