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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


What purpose do tree roots play? Ok, I can see you now just going..what... They connect the tree to the ground. When we would go to Arches National Park we would see some really outstanding examples of how roots work and how strong they are. Driving to Austin TX today I noticed on a rocky outcrops along the highway where big blocks of stone/rock had been split apart. Not by some machine or strength of humankind....but rather by a root boldly cutting it's way through the stone until it split. Awesome.
In South East Ohio in Rock Stalls in the Hocking Hills there was a most wonderful tree root. It was from a tree hugging the edge of the rock wall. The root had grown down and then made a complete turn and started growing up and then found a place to attach to the edge of the little bit of soil so the tree could live. I still think of that root.
My Daddy had gathered a piece of root from a gulf-side beach that started as one branch, had split into two, and then found itself again and merged at the other end. We lost that beautiful life-art but I can see it clearly.
We need to be rooted and grounded and held together as best we can. We need to branch out sometimes on our own. We need to be allowed to change our path if the way we were headed just isn't working.
But what we really need is to hold on. Sometimes what we need to do is just hold on and let the root bring us nourishment.
We sometimes need to hold on for one another in whatever way we can and that we do sometimes better and better.
So claim and name your roots and all that you hold onto. And be the ones who help others find their stableness as well.
Final image for tonight. I found a picture I had taken in Arches national park. The beautiful red/coral colored rock had a tree growing on it. But what was most amazing was that the root of this tree was growing out, for some time, seeking a way to find water, to get nourishment, to do the work roots do. It found a way. Not the normal way that roots set out. But a creative new way. That when we see it --just makes us smile.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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