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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Puppy Bowl Again

Ok I know you are probably saying that it's silly to dwell on this program that was on here with puppies playing and the half time was kittens playing. (alternative to the Super Bowl) I read one review saying that we should have on TV an all puppy channel. All you watch were puppies. That would bring such laughter and joy. Who needs to watch over and over people being mean or being controlling or manipulative or ...Breaking every commandment or... Just puppies. A background for life. And there wouldn't be any corruption or 'drug doping' or anything that increases the cynicism in the world.. Just puppies....and then kittens now and then. And then... Ok ok I hear you say... enough.
But what is at the heart of this is that we really long for something that entertains us. Like movies that are just fun and make you laugh and cry or just laugh. Life is complicated enough, right? Perhaps the popularity of the Puppy Bowl is that we all need to lighten up... sigh, contented sigh.
Remember me telling about a video of babies. Not babies doing anything in particular just sleeping or moving or looking around. Little babies, focusing on faces or hands or just babies wiggling. This video became popular with small children who like to watch little ones like themselves. It became a best seller in nursing homes where the older folks loved seeing the faces of little ones. Again, it is something satisfying and uncomplicated.

If we weren't so complicated in our lives by 100 channels could we not have more time for reading or playing or being who we want to be with one another? If there weren't 50 cereals to choose between, or 41 different cleaners, or 7 different choices of tissues for your cold.. wouldn't we be just as satisfied? Yes, Yes, I hear you say if the kind they had was MY kind.
Add a grin!

So, remember if there isn't something you 'want' to watch-- turn off the tv. Sit in the quiet of the day or evening. BE
as the song goes. "Don't happy"

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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