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Friday, January 27, 2006


Grace and joy
We moved our 'office' around the other day and I was later working in our bedroom and discovered that I was too far from the dsl box to get a good connection, so I walked down the hall holding my computer until it found the signal.
Later I found a little pocket spiral notebook with poems in it from the '60's. That's a long time ago now. I read through some of them and they are very Leonard Cohen-ish. (you people of the '60's will know what that means), kinda self absorbed and reflective and some of them sad when relationships had ended. I don't know if I should keep it as I'm not sure others would understand some of what was written. It was from college time.
How do we stay connected to people who are important in our lives? People who made a difference in our lives who encouraged us and helped us. Then there are the people who picked us up or who laughed with us until tears ran down our faces and we ached with abandon. Then there are the people who taught us lessons. Then there are people who just moved in and out of our lives quickly but left an impression.
I suppose we ought to consider who we are in other's lives. Are we the ones to be remembered? Are we the ones who are lesson teachers? Are we the ones who pick up others without even noticing? Who do we want to be?
Let's think about that as we work together.
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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