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Sunday, December 04, 2005

What fun

What a good time it was with the children sharing the worship service with our Lay Pastor today. The story told and then enacted. Oh the little angels and shepherds and our red-headed little girl baby Jesus.
How fun it is to know that things are always a surprise with the work of sharing the Word. And that we need to be ready for ever such a surprise. One little girl played the baby Jesus last year and she was an angel this year. And ahhh their talking along as they went on and as they waited for their part. Some folk took some cute pictures of their children.
Santa came too. They had a good time and two of the older gentlemen had their pictures sitting on Santa's knee. now that one needs to be a poster!
What fun!
We know in the world that we need fun. We need fun in our lives that makes us laugh and smile and that we know how God's love is there to surprise us in so many ways.
Hey. Be surprised today!
That's God's gift to you.
and smile!
God abide
bobbie giltz mcgarey


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