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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Close Encounters

I watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind the other night and wondered at it's story. It is for the most part well told about aliens coming to earth and seemingly just checking up on things. Actually they are returning as the first part is people who come back after being gone for many years.
It is great fantasy. Spielberg directed. (He went to high school with my husband, John) Anyway it is suspense and exciting in more than one part.
Once when I was little we thought we saw flying saucers. I remember being really scared. Mainly because I was away from my parents and wanted to be with them. We called the air base nearby and they said they were lights reflecting on nearby clouds. I remember not sleeping much that night. The adults who were driving the car I think kept saying they thought that was what it was ---thinking now as a trick to tease us.
We have close encounters with wonder all the time. With the beautiful clear nights we get in OK after a day of wind.... or with the sunrise or sunset with the full horizon in view. The wonder of tumbleweeds that run down the road like puppies...
All kinds of wonders abound.
Where do you find wonder in your life? Do you have to seek it or can you find it right close.
In the next days, as we wonder about Christmas let's look for a close encounter with wonder itself.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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