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Friday, December 23, 2005

Almost Almost --Not Yet

Grace and Peace abound
I remember my Mother and Aunt Kat saying that to us...Almost, almost, not yet. as we prepared ourselves for Christmas. It was almost time, but not until we had slept through the night. Oh my... How could that be? How could we have to wait so long. I remember the lights through the blinds in my cousin's room when a car went by, we'd wonder if that was Santa...Oh my we'd giggle and Aunt Kat would come in..."Do I need to separate you two?" No no! We'll be quiet as even then we stifled giggles into our pillows.

Almost almost time we have and live in to mark the coming of Jesus. And here's the good news, it should bring you comfort, Jesus will come in God's good time, ready or not...
So lets enjoy the time, and celebrate the love we share, and know that God's presence in our lives is real. Let that light shine out into the world that so needs to know...
Joy to the world, It's Jesus who came!

God abides, even now and always

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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