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Saturday, December 17, 2005


agua ahhh nothing like a clear cool glass of water. I like mine chilled a bit but I also know it has it's own way of tasting from where it comes from. The water in Utah was so good. The water in Florida has an entirely different flavor. Who controls the worlds water? Who will control it? Will water be the next "Oil".
Water resources are going to be part of the world's choices as to who has rights to water. Who gets to have the water? There have long been battles over it. There have long been LONG distances that people have to walk for water. There are women today who spend almost half their day walking to water and hauling water. 15% of all water is used for drinking water. Water is going to be needed more and more in the cities. And the more people the more water we need. Water for food, power, life! What are we going to do. If Water is nearby the villages then more girls can go to school in rural third world countries because they won't have to spend so much of their day hauling water for the family.
You know we have to work on this.
Now, I hear you thinking, what does water have to do with this time of year? Everything. Because the world has been moving to a place where we have to think of each other as sisters and brothers in God's eyes then we need to think of what we do and where we spend our money and what that means to others, then perhaps this Christmas season will bring some joy beyond our own doors...
What is it that we need to do? Think outside ourselves.

God comes
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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