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Friday, December 16, 2005

For Granted

I was chatting online early this morning with my neice in New Delhi and she had to go because the electricity went off. That is not unusual. It is there in many parts of the country a 'fact' of life. Some times for hours. So you learn to cope. You save your computer work often, you have a few minute spare battery back up on the computer. And you go on. Adjust.
We take for granted it seems those things which the rest of the world sees as luxuries or totally out of their reach or expectation...oh or need. Have you ever looked at the map, the world at night? I think you can find it with a google search but it shows the world all lighted ...well not All the world. Because a great deal of the world is not lighted. There are people there...but not electricity.
I am amazed it is that way....this world we are in...but it is...
What else do we take for granted? I had a necklace that was made from a copal bean with a painting on it done by some rural women in central america. I wore it to remind myself that some children don't ask their parents what they are having for dinner and either say yes or veto it...but some children ask, "Are we having supper?" And some children grow up knowing not to ask..and imagine being the mother, or dad, who says, not tonight...
We take for granted the love of our families some times and those around us who in community work become as family. Let's not. Let's be ultra aware of the joys that surround us and the blessings we have ... and share..

God abides
Almost Christmas
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
Rev. Dr. Bobbie G. McGarey


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