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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Reindeer on the head

Grace and Peace
When my children were little they had little reindeer soft toys and they would sneak up behind their grandmother and plop it on her head and run away giggling. We called them 'ploopers' it was for them all, including granny, a fun time and they delighted in the time they spent sneaking up on her. And she delighted in not paying attention until they had plopped it on her head.
There is one of them right over there on top of the TV and it reminds me of the joy and delight they had together. They had some really fun times together and she loved all of it. They had such a good time with her as well.
When Gail, one of my cousins, and I were little we would try to sneak around and get the marshmellows our Grandmother left in the pantry. We would sneak down her big staircase, trying hard not to giggle, and crawl behind our Granddaddy's chair and it was the next turn where people saw us. The funny part was our parents pretending not to see us. We would get into the cupboard and take one or two marshmellows and sneak back upstairs. Funny how there were always a box of those Campfire marshmellows waiting us.
We have great joy in sharing little jokes betwen us and those we love. We have things we do each other that are special between us.

I hope that you will find ways to share special moments with those you love... or build them into your life.
Enjoy and be creative and loving .

God Abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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