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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

To Gift

Gift is now a verb.
You 'gift' someone... You give someone a gift. It is a new way of talking and making a verb out of a word that was a noun. What is that about? Well it is about it seems a way we relate to each other.
This time of year there is a lot of talk and angst about giving gifts. About finding the right present for that certain someone, or certain someones. We become anxious. We try to give 'equal' gifts.... not to much--not to little... and there in the stress comes.

What if we gave someone the gift of our prayers for them every day for a year? or if we gave someone the gift of our time either we would call or write to them or keep in closer touch with them? or if we gave someone the gift of hope? or if we gave someone laughter? or .... You fill in the blank..You can I know you can!

What if gifting someone meant bringing out in them the best that they can be?

There are many gifts to be given. The best are free.
I saw a woman with a beautiful child in the store the other day. She was shopping for gifts. I suggested that she had the best one right there and all she needed was a little bow...she smiled and said that is the truth.
Having my mothers with me for Christmas some years ago was a great gift.
Being with family is a gift.

Be together, be present to each, be A present to each other...
bless you
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Rev. Dr. Bobbie G. McGarey


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