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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Snow Cotton

I was driving yesterday out west of where I live and there was 'snow' cotton beside the roads. Apparently it has been a wonderful year for the cotton crop around here. The bails, modules, most covered and sitting in the field waiting for a ride to the cotton gin, the bails are everywhere. But then too there are piles of remnant cotton along some roads, a pile or two in the fields, and it looks like huge snow flakes.

Along one part near Faxon there are several places where the cotton balls have stuck in the trees. Decorating the leafless tress with balls of white. It is an interesting sight.

We sometimes do get snow here. Unlike other places more northerly where we've lived there is little preparation for what to do in snow. There aren't plows that come and make the street passable and there aren't as many sand/salt trucks, and well we just mostly hunker down when it snows.

What things in your world remind you of something else? What things in your world challenge you to re-member when? What things in your world help give you grounding? On the radio I heard that remembering can be helpful to us in so many ways as it helps the brain to get it's pathways established again. Well that's good. Word has it in my family that I'm a keeper of the family memories...

This time of year for many people it becomes a re-member when time. Will I remember the snow cotton some day down the road... I bet I will
God abide with you

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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