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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Aresto Momentum

Grace and Peace
I was watching one of the Harry Potter movies and at one part Harry is falling and the head of the schools says Aresto Momentum....and he stops falling.
Don't you love the illusions in movies that things can stop mid-fall or flight and be ok. We all want to be able to help out in times like that!
My Daddy said that there were two times when I was little that he felt so totally helpless. Once when I had watched the movie Peter Pan and believed that if I really believed I could fly --that I would! So I got up momentum bouncing on the mattress on the bed and as he came toward the room I said, "Look Daddy I can fly!" With all my might I took a flying leap toward him arms spread out and he raced toward me and couldn't get to me until I'd smacked into the floor knocking all the air out of myself. He said it took all in him not to laugh bcause the look of confidence on my face that I indeed could fly was, although quite brief, very real.
The second was when I was about three years older with some cousins at a playground and going down a slide. I had climbed up the ladder to the top and called down to him. This was after I had begged and begged to go up one more time. I leaned over to say hi Daddy and fell. Before he could get to me I was on the ground chewing gravel. He picked me up and they took me to a doctor who stitched my forehead. I guess it knocked me out cold for a few seconds. I just remember looking up to see my Daddy's quite concerned face. And I have to say whenever I was tempted to say, "one more time", about most anything I would remember the slide.
We can stop certain things about ourselves. Those habits or things we do that are really not for our own good. Those things that we do "one more time", thinking we will get away with it.
Today is the day to be all that we can be and do all that we can do to be the people we were truly created to be... Not Peter Pan who flies with Pixie Dust, or Harry Potter who has someone to stop a fall...
But part of the dearly beloved...

Have a great day
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
Rev. Dr. Bobbie G. McGarey


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