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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

There's work to be done

Several folks have responded to my writing about Aunt Dorcas and Uncle KM John and I thank them for their words. I remember the first time I met them, Uncle John had never met a woman pastor and he came bounding up to meet me. He was interested and really quite kind. In fact I was honored that he asked me to return thanks the second meal we shared together.
But more than that, and more than the wonderful food, I remember at the end of the meal Aunt Dorcas with the care one takes handling find china, scraped the grains of rice from the serving bowl into a bowl that would either be saved or shared, or both. Not a grain remaind- not one--someone was hungry...somewhere.

And I remember that as I throw away food that we cook and it's extra and we don't eat because have something else the next day. And I rememberr that action as I think that I have time to just sit and play computer games for a few minutes ( or longer) because I deserve to rest. And I remember that action as I fritter time away in oh so many ways.

There is nothing to be lost, all is to be given away, time, gifts, love, hope.

Ok I'm not saying that we are to be slave drivers in all we do to ourselves or that sabbath rest isn't important, no it is essential. Perhaps in days that are particulary full Sabbath time should perhaps indeed-- come daily. A breath here and there a way to be the people that God created us to be. Perhaps a walk in the springtime without cell phone or distraction.

Deep Sigh,

In my last D.Min class we talked about some of the 'saints' Christian leaders who had gone before and some of the things we remember them for, for some of the things they said... I asked the group what they might want to be remembered for... It came to me that i would like to be remembered (at least right now) for saying...
"God abide, there's work to be done! "
What might yours be? Ponder that a while.

Look around
There is work to be done for the kingdom.

Not a grain was wasted, no prayer not said, no hope not shared, no love not given away. Life in its fullness Thanks be to God.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey



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