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Friday, April 08, 2005

Knock Knock

My mother is working in a third world country where the Christian faith is present but hidden. She called saying they were going to church when they got the call about where Church was being held. Each week they changed the place where they met and then would have their service when everyone arrived. We are always impressed by that aren't we? We who think so often that church is a building should rethink our definition of church.. That there is ONE place 'church' is our own invention. Church is the gathering of believers ready to praise God for God's good graces toward the world.

We are always impressed with this different paradigm of church. We are always surprised that THIS is what Church is in other placees. It is a gathering of those who no matter the risk or the worry the trouble or the place --- church is there and is truly the people in a folded hand, protected.

We build big elaborate buildings so we can 'be church' but when you Go to church in this other country, as in many countries, you do so to be with the people who love Jesus so much they will take risks to say think you to God. And in all their lives this is how they live. You love the church as deeply and with a true understanding of God's community.

Knock knock... Who is it? Welcome to the church you believer in Jesus thanks be to God. come is my home... you are graciously welcomed.

Thanks be to God, let us take nothing gor granted.
God abide
There's work to be done
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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