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Sunday, April 10, 2005

it is what is

What is it we deserve? I think that this is a quesiton we all ought to ask ourselves. What do we deserve as individuals? as families? as churches? as a country?
Well the world is beginning to tell others what they deserve and there are two things that seem to be in line to be struggled over. Food is one and Water the other.
Does everyone have a right to food? to clean water or water of any kind? or can companies come in and buy up all of it, the rights to it and then in the case of water, take it into their plant put it in bottles and sell it back to the people? And if it is water that would be used to water the plants in the fields what happens then to their food? not food for millions but food for their families and to trade with their friends.
my goodness.
Have you ever had the water cut off to your house for some repair? Don't you immediately want to shower, or drink some water, or wash some clothes?
We do take so much for granted.
Water, food, food, water. The ability to buy food. We are so blessed that every time we go to the grocery stores with way to many choices, we should be laughing with glee.
We should be smiling all the time because we are people of plenty, and more than enough.
What do we deserve? The same as everyone else in the world. Together. No more, no less. And if we happen to have more than our neighbor, we should help them catch up.
The early church in the book of Acts challenges us to be much more compassionate and willing to share. Check it out. It is revolutionary. but then, so was/ so is Jesus Christ.

God abides
There's work to be done!
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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