Awakening a Keen Observer

Friday, April 01, 2005


I had a friend whose young son would talk about flying. He was sure he could. He asked me if I could fly? I told him that I always thought I could. He said, "HOW?" how did I fly? I said that i flew sitting up on a carpet. He said he flew out like he was swimming or diving. We enjoyed our conversation.
There are times however when things go well for us in such a manner that we feel like we are flying. Like all obstacles have melted away. That they are no longer real. they are an image.
how do we do this?
How do we fly at will, when we want to?

We look to others to help us fly, to 'give us wings'. But those things, those loosened fetters has to come from us...then God will give us the ability to Get to whereever we need most to be.
Flying up to reach our loved ones...
moving fast.
no feet on the ground.

I'm flying...way up hingh in the sky...i'm flying...thanks peter pan!
God abides
Bobbie Gitlz McGarey


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