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Thursday, April 07, 2005


James Cardinal Hickey said at the funeral service for Mother Teresa:
?Indeed, a trustful faith expressed in loving deeds is the central theme of Mother Teresa’s entire life. She lived what we just proclaimed in the Book of Wisdom: "Those who trust [in the Lord] shall understand truth and the faithful will abide with Him in love."?

That Abiding thing is something I think about and write about often. Because it means being with and beside and involved in and part of Jesus' love in the world. Because when Jesus abidees with us and we weith him it is a joy beyond measure. Just becausee.
We abide with God iin this amazing love and we are transformed by it. So if we are transformed, we want the world to seem different. We want the world to BE different. We want even more for the world to be transformed as well because we want life to be good for everyone.
The Pope, John Paul II, transformed the world in so many ways. He changed Poland and the world because communism ended by his action. No bomb, no gun, nothing violent, love and determination that people should be free. We should learn form this. Let us be changed by the love of God all around us.

Trust undersand and abide.
Deep sigh
we have work to do.
Thanks Be to God
God Abide

Bobbie Gitlz McGarey


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