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Monday, April 04, 2005


The dawn comes, the sun rises the world turns, and all continues. When you are in the middle of sadness it is diffiicult some times to understand how this could be. We have friends whose Father is waiting to make the transition to new life and somehow the life force in him is so strong he can't quite let go, and it comes in God's good time. The family waits by his side, 'midwives' into this new life. labor, long, and moving at it's own pace.

Family still grieves over the loss of dear ones in India. People whose lives changed the lives of so many others by living God's call to be servants. So many memories of their time with me less than three days total but a HUGE influence on my life. And I've shared it with so many others.

A famous national one has also died and his passing is surrounded with pomp and ritual. Not for him but to unify others who followed him. It is awesome to see the world focused on a faithful person, wheter I have always agreed with him or not.
TV allows the world to kneel together. Would that we not just say he was a man of peace, but live that all of us.

Dawn comes, the birds sing and life goes on.

God in your good time let your light shine on all people with your love.
God abide


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