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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Ok there was a bad country song some years ago...Here's your sign. But what I am talking about are the affirmations we get when we are on the right track. How we do this? We make decisions about the big choices in our lives and then we pray that God will let us know if this is right. Usually that affirmation comes from our firends. Sometimes strangers give us a gift of affirmation. Sometimes it is something we read.
A friend of mine was once trying to decide if it was time for her to move back to where her family came from. She started praying about it and suddenly, seemingly out of the blue-- Montana started running advs on the television. She said she'd think about whether she should go home and there would be that Adv again. Montana was her home.

Looking for the way of God is important. God has a plan for your life. Follow that plan. Make each decision with God's plan in mind. Is it for the Good? Is it what God wants it to be? It is what I do. What next? Ask God? What should we do about.... Ask God. When should I ... ask God. How can I help..... Ask God. All these things are part of who we are. God's own.

God is calling

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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