Awakening a Keen Observer

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Sixteen days not many
the child walked beside her father
and watched his stride so long from hers
she stretched her legs to keep up
to be with him
because he was
her father.

How do we mark time? By the days or the length of stride. By the length of the sun or the length of the night? We move carefully through the time.

Sixteen days is not many
the baby held in her arms
wanting so much for be kept there forever protected and nourished safe from harm of the world
so that they will be ok
and because
she/he is
her child.

How do we mark time? By days or hours a'rocking? By joy and by laugter by little strengths and steps celebrated over time. Carefully through the time

Sixteen days not many
but perhpas
just perhaps
just enough.

bobbie giltz mcgarey


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