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Sunday, April 17, 2005

like a mockingbird at midnight

Here I am working on a project for next week. The front door is wide open becausee the air is just right temperature. And then I heard it, not but a minute ago, a mockingbird singing it's song, loud and sunrise clear. But wait, it is 12:40am. It is far from dawn, and yet the bird sings.
Could it be the brightness of the half moon on it's way to full? Could it be a song sung like so many we have, a plea in the dark to God's grace? Like a psalm to God's love begging to be heard... Hear it, it sings again and again.
Do you think I hear it so clearly now because there is not a lot of peripherial noise, just the bird and a little music I have on to make it peaceful? .
Years ago I had an independent study in college. I did a search of the literature on the Mocking bird family. There are several cousins. One of the 200 articles i read
But I clearly remember one account of a woman who had a 'midnight mocker" and who got so crazy by the singing in the middle of the night she shot it. Only to find out two nights later that apparently a mate came and sat on her window and sang as loud as the mate that died.
She learned to love it.

sing yourself like a mockingbird at midnight. live your life a little pace from a fear-feeding and fear-fed word.
sing your life into the glory you know God planted in you.

So many questions, so few answeres.
to say.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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