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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Direction Home

, Spiritual Direction is different from counseling in O so many ways. But it can be part of ones growing and learning about their relationship to God and God's wide open arms (i accidently just typed Wild open arms and perhaps that is more accurate) anyway--Gods wide open arms welcoming us back home to the home we maybe never knew we left but have been searching for ever since.

Tilden Edwards the director of the Shalem foundation, one of my heros, wrote.

"My spiritual practice invites the window of my soul to open, letting out the love that is in me to the Love that is beyond me. That is enough. More than that is gift. A

nd yet I know how much I want the gifts that Hafiz identifies to enlarge my heart and allow me to be a more responsive vessel of those qualities in the world I touch. Our world at every level is so profoundly in need of realizing its true nature in God, with all the fruits of this realization for the way we live together as an inclusive family. "

I really like the way that this is said... letting out the love that is in me to the LOVE that is beyond me. more than enough, more than that is a gift.

Give a gift to someone you meet today. Let them know that you are loving them because God loves you and has given you the possibility to be as you were created to be.

Coming home from Ft. Worth TX to Duncan, we stoped several times along the road to take pictures of the wild flowers. I imagine some will be like taking pictures of fall leaves, great in person, not so spectacular from a small photo. You have to get up close to them to make them really come alive. So we did hunker down a couple of times and take pictures. We'll see how they come out.
In the meantime, keep your eye open for that gift blooming where no one else might see it and enjoy it to the fullest.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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