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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


This sweet gentleman in a church in SW Oklahoma always had peppermints for everyone at church. Two days ago I ran across an article called Peppermint Christians.

Critics have called the peppermint a kind of "opium" that permits the congregation to settle back and allow the most fiery sermon to wash over them without the least bit of damage. But that accusation has been dismissed by several theologians of high repute. The latter have pointed out that the Israelites of old used to tithe mint as part of their religious obligations, providing therewith the Old Testament foundation for the New Testament eating of mint. The Pharisees were, of course, condemned for relying on this tithing of mint to the exclusion of seeking judgment (not to be confused with "judgemint"), mercy, and faith. But peppermints have never been idolized that way in the Reformed tradition, say such doctrinal stalwarts as Berkhof and Bonnhoffer.

Another part of the article said that a sermon should only last as long as a pappermint.
But the most interesting part echoed what I read the other day that the smell of peppermints would clear your mind and help you focus. My cousin Gail and I used to love peppermint patties. I would leave some for her in her dorm room when I went by. I still guess that part of why I like them is that the flavor and taste remind me of another time.
So, I guess I'd best put some on my desk to share with others. Mmmm come and get one or buy some for yourselves to share.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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