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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Flying Home

Grace and Peace
It was 70 degrees when the plane left Phoenix Az. My Mom was talking about putting out flowers and how her peppers were growing so good as if it were fully Spring. We took off toward the NE and it was a beautiful flight. My goodness has that city grown and spread. The amazing part to see are the lines of demarcation, houses, no houses. The hand that is irrigated- or not irrigated. But the mountains meet this valley quickly. And from the plane as it rises it is amazing to see the different canyons and the lack of people and houses and building and crush. It is a huge and very sudden change. The canyons even from thirty four thousand feet are so amazing.
And...we could see the Flagstaff AZ, San Francisco Peaks for the next 46 minutes with it's snow topped peak. The pilot pointed out Gallup NM and then we turned due east... Those mountains were replaced by the Albuquerque range and the Santa Fe New Mexico range covered with snow. How beautiful. Over that ridge and following I 40 to Amarillo and then straight over to Oklahoma City. I watched out of the window the whole way.
About 30 minutes from OKC you could feel the plane slowing and when you looked out there was a line of clouds that looked like a blanket of cotton. It had a clear demarcation line clouds...thick clouds. We were grateful for experienced pilots and controls bringing us through 10 minutes of thick clouds. Not too bumpy really but just so you could see nothing.
It was 31 degrees in Oklahoma City. I was glad for my coat. It was back to winter.
What an awesome flight. The mountains, the mesas, the horizon, the clouds, the snow, the empty world... All of it good.
In 2 hours plus I was in Oklahoma City. Not the 18 hour drive like we took at Thanksgiving.
We move from clear blue skies and our summer temperatures to winter grey and cold. And somehow we adapt.
O wonder that we move through the sky with our stuff in bags beneath us
O wonder that we go from warm air to cold wintry mix.
O wonder that we move at will from one place to another..
O wonder and be amazed.
What a world..what a world.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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