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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Swinging Light

Grace and Peace

A month ago I sat alone in the large chapel sanctuary of a nearby church. I was waiting for an office to open up so I stepped
in the back. This was a particularly strong windy day. The gusts were
predicted to be into the 60mph range. This high chapel roof would creak
and moan in the wind. And as I sat in prayer I watched one of the large
lights swing? Could it be swinging in the wind? Could the wind be
moving the roof that much that caused this to happen?
The swinging was barely perceptible
and to be honest at first I thought that I was imagining it. But I
marked the place where the bottom of the fixture was on the concrete
wall and watched as it moved until it was pointing to a point on the
other side of the beam. Yup, it was moving.
What a force of nature to move this light. How powerful the wind! No, not a question - an assertion.

What does it take to move us? You know to help us be ready to move with the winds of nature? What does it take for us to be willing to be vulnerable and off our mark enough so that things can change. If the roof had not yielded some to the wind it would have been blown away by it. Just as if we stand with our knees locked at the edge of the ocean, our feet planted in the sand, the waves will at some point knock us over. But if we flex our knees into the wave we can stand the force.

Let the wind of the Spirit of God be for you a healing and cleansing passing of this spirit over you.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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