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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


William Sloane Coffin in his book, "letters to a Young Doubter" writes "Why do so many judge religion by the worst examples of it?"
What a great question. Seriously, think about it. We look at 'others', whomever that other may be for us, and we make broad judgments about all others by experiences that stand out in our minds. Often those experiences are ones that stand out because they are negative.
What if we judged others by the best of them. What if we 'walked a mile in their shoes'? What if we sat down to break bread with them? What if we smiled and laughed with them--or cried with them?
What if we judged religion by the best examples? What if we looked closely those who do good, who follow God's law, who live in harmony with those around them, who loved justice, and did kindness and walked humbly with their God?

I am going to have to consider this more. Think along with me.
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God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Here are some more sentences from my readings.
Thomas Merton. 'Mercy is the manifestation of God's presence.
True Faith is never merely the source of spiritual comfort. It may indeed bring peace but before it does it must also involve a struggle.
When we love God's will we find God and God's joy in all things. But when we love ourselves more than God, all things become our enemies.


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