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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rainbow Magic

On the way home from Altus to Duncan, OK and the sky to the East where I was heading, got very dark. But then, right over there to the right there was a third of a rainbow. Bright, broad and beautiful it was.
I enjoyed it for about 10 minutes. Then as I looked to the left, another third . Wait wait would it make a full arch? For the next 10 minutes it seemed doubtful that it would make it from one side to the other. There were just some odd clouds at the top that looked like they would ...oh oh look now, a second rainbow outside the first third on my right, (south) I didn't see ti on the left, north, but it got brilliant colors each one so different from the one next to it. Awesome. I pulled over to enjoy it.... and it stayed.
On the way still --it is over an hour to get home, I watched...and then. Totality. Well, you know what I mean, a full rainbow... so beautiful hanging there in the sky from ground to ground and up through the clouds. Awesome.
Thank you God. For the rainbow. For teaching me to be observant. For giving me a sense of wonder that continues....
What was God thinking?
breaking the light with raindrops and creating the rainbow?
arched over the edge of the earth
shaped like the globe
"God's banner over all creation is love"

A sign...

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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