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Monday, October 29, 2007

Heading East

The far open stretches of the prairie
give over to the Eastern mountains covered with trees.

These mountains rise up on the horizon like distant waves
seeking the shore. First you see a little wrinkle in the earth
and then line after line after line of them stretch out before you.

Unlike their new-formed Rocky sisters these mountains are again covered with green their rock faces now covered and dissolved into enough earth to hold a tree sound. Where new mountains are more bare and jutted these are smoother -eons in their making.

I know these mountains from childhood travel and living in them and seeing them formed at their southern base.

Looking down from the airplane I see a U shaped valley with a farm here and there. It is a long cradled valley with few roads between farmland wheat being harvested.
So many people have lived there and put their roots as truly into the close-rock soil.

Somehow our life-span from day to day to day to day is put in perspective. This is the day that God has made. Go, live it.

God abides
oh in the beauty of the mountains and the open freedom of the plains this we know.

Bobbie Giltz McGarey
doing continuing Education in the East.


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