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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Open world

The Presbyterian Church has a saying to get people to raise our presence, Open Hearts- Open Minds. Other denominations have used it adding, Open Doors. All these ideas I believe should apply to every church.
Yesterday we met two missionaries who gave me another view... Open eyes Open world. They have been working in the country of Sudan. A country on the continent of Africa that has been in the news with the long civil war and the millions of refugees and the camps where people are trying to wait out the violence.
They talked of the work of the Christian church in that country and it was a window into a world I never knew. They talked of the kindness of their Muslim neighbors on 9/11 bringing food and sharing in the tragedy . They did not hate Americans or threaten this couple. Thank you
Barry Almy and Rev. Dr. Elizabeth A. McCormick for your love for Jesus and God's children.
They talked of a college/seminary where men and women study to become ready to serve in the churches that are growing all over the country as people discover God's Grace through Jesus Christ. They talked of the excitement when a new church was built. The hope that came with a medical team who went to a hospital and were the first physicians there in 45 years. They talked of the many that this team could see and the thousands who waited and hoped that a group returned. They talked of the smiles of the children and the hope they were given with schools, where the government had kept them ignorant in order to control them.
It is an open window to another world. And once you have seen it. You can't go back.
Check out this story on what people in the world eat. It's worth your time to read it. It may open your eyes and your world. And remember, as I've said before. We all have our feet on the same earth and look up at the same sky and are warmed by the same sun.

I thought you might
New windows
into Your world
even with your eyes closed.

God abides
Giltz McGarey


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